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About us

Karine Guilbert, graduate of the Paris Belleville School of Architecture, worked for several agencies in Marseille, on the island of Reunion and in Paris before establishing herself as a freelance until 2014 in Paris.

It is by joining the editorial staff of AMC, Groupe Moniteur, as a photo editor, that she deepens her knowledge of the image. Her career path has allowed her to develop her own vision and writing skills, and to understand the need for appropriate communication that makes sense.
She founded "Comme on vous parle" in 2020, convinced that it is necessary to go and meet as many people as possible,
share a know-how, show otherwise.

Transmitting the idea of a project and making a representation of it, has been one of his challenges in the exercise of this profession. His taste for photography, a tool to help design and share the architectural project, has developed, becoming one of his favorite interests.

Karine Guilbert - Comme on vous parle - Communication - Architecture


• Communicate to shine: deciphering the issues and influences of communication in architecture - ENSAPM
• Appropriation of communication tools - graphic design, authors' texts, photography... - and the mastery of media - specialized press, publishing, exhibition... - Ecole Camondo, Paris
• The commissioning of architectural photographs. At the crossroads of communication and collaboration - ENSAPM


École Boulle - HESAM Université
• Depuis septembre 2022

En collaboration avec Margotte Lamouroux

École d’Architecture de Paris Malaquais
• fév 2022
Communiquer pour briller : décryptage des enjeux et des influences de la communication en architecture
• fév 2021
La commande des photographies d'architecture. Au croisement des enjeux de communication et de collaboration

Ecole Camondo, Paris
• sept 2021 et sept 2022
Appropriation des outils de communication – design graphique, texte d’auteurs, photographie... – et la maîtrise des supports de médiatisation – presse spécialisée, édition, exposition...

Workshops - Margotte Lamouroux - École Camondo
Workshops - Margotte Lamouroux - École Camondo
Workshops - Margotte Lamouroux - École Camondo - ALTA - Sergio Grazia - Morgane Renou - AA
Workshops - Margotte Lamouroux - École Camondo - Olivier Namias

Remerciements à Olivier Namias, rédacteur en chef de la revue AMC, journaliste et commissaire d'expositions; Luc Boegly, Sergio Grazia, Cyrille Weiner et Morgane Renou (Shnepp Renou) photographes; Frédérique Mocquet, architecte et docteure en architecture; Fabrice Héron, Elizabeth Sourdillat et Muriel Lefèvre iconographes; Eric Cez, directeur des éditions Loco; Bertrand Lamarche, artiste, maître de conférences ENSAPM; Gilles Delalex, architectes associés de l'agence Muoto; Emmanuelle Borne, rédactrice en cheffe de la revue AA'; Maxime Le Trionnaire et Gwénaël Le Chapelain, architectes associés de l'agence ALTA; Jean Philippe Hugron, journaliste et auteur; Jean-Benoît Vétillard, architecte de l’agence Jean-Benoît Vétillard architecture; Benoit Santiard, designer graphiste fondateur associé de l'agence Building Paris; Margaux Darrieus, architecte, journaliste AMC et docteure en architecture; Giovanna Career, attachée de presse, GioCa conseil; Cédric Soulier, fondateur, La Petite Grosse; Meriem Chabani architecte associée de l'agence New South; Sami Aloulou architecte associé de l'agence Septembre; Mélanie Uriot, responsable de la communication; Matthias Armengaud, architecte associé de l'agence AWP; Merci d'avoir accepté nos invitations !


Photographier l'architecture

photographier-architecture - Karine Guilbert - Livre - Pyramyd Edition

Published in 2019 by Pyramyd éditions

Architectural photography is a genre in its own right, often essential to the dissemination and communication of a building or development project. Wishing to highlight the work of these artists who often remain in the shadow of the project they document, Karine Guilbert went to meet fifteen of them. Their fifteen approaches are diverse, both in form and in intent.

Their personal projects coexist with their commissioned or inventory work. Perfectly purified images clash with humanly embodied shots. Militant wills meet poetic walks. The result is an enriching and complex panorama of a discipline at the crossroads of paths and views.

Photographier l'architecture

Pyramyd éditions



Focale is a podcast that focuses on the personal view of actors on photography mainly, but also on image or writing.

Imagined and realized by Simon Guesdon, photographer

It is a sensitive approach to photography that she shares with us, with numerous references to urban and architectural photography, of course, her pleasure in discovering new authors/authors and attending events related to this medium.

You will also discover his vision of architectural photography and of the commission given by architects to photographers, but also his attention to the authors' approach.

An interview about the city, the architecture and the sensitive.


Communiquer l'architecture, un veritable métier

Membre du Conseil d'Administration

Ni VU NI CONNU - NVNC - Association - communication - Architecture - Karine Guilbert - Comme on vous parle

NIVUNICONNU – NVNC est une association des professionnel.le.s de la communication et du développement en architecture, urbanisme, paysage et ingénierie, créée en 2020 et basée en France.