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Plateforme d'urbanisme opérationnel

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Safe + Urbanity + Context + Faer
From design to development of real estate and urban projects.
Urbense brings together all the skills of the project owner and the urban architect.

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Urbense is a new structure founded by Alexandre Sfintesco, architect and urban planner, previously associated with the François Leclercq agency, and by Kévin-Antoine Eloy, engineer and urban planner, former managing director of Apollonia.

Comme on vous parle, has designed a sober and inspired visual identity for the Urbense group that sends out a very contemporary image.
For the subsidiaries, the agency sought to create sister logos for Safe, Urbanité, Contexte and Faer. The result is a collection of very coherent, impactful and elegant logos.
We also assisted the team in the creation of their portfolios and websites.

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We have developed a panel of tools based on a clear and effective speech.

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